About us

Behind every auspicious moment, there is a saga of prolonged devotion and adherence to serve. A journey of over 45 years in adding glow to your lives, our experience turned into glamorous wisdom, we transform as Simha Jewellers. Following the footsteps of our father, with over 20 years of humble service, we have set a benchmark of purity and grandeur – converted into creativity and innovation at Simha. The awe-inspiring shimmer of our gold, twinkle of our diamonds, solmenity of our silver and sleekness of platinum will amaze you. Our precious gemstones and pure pearls are a wonder. Emerging from the chrysalis of a dazzling legacy, we are flared up to fascinate you and inspire the connoisseur in you. With a spirit that roars to envision the charming elegancy, Simha hopes to be promising.

Arun Jain



The glory of every civilization hinges on the ancient heritage of jewels, gems, precious stones and metals. At the heart of India’s plethora of cultures and traditions is the primordial prominence of its rich jewellery. Matured with time and humbled by experience, we at Simha strongly believe that the gleam of gold, glint of diamond, glimmer of silver and gentleness of platinum are quintessential to our way of life. At the core of our souls are the luminesce of gemstones and purity of pearls. Trained under the best gemologists of the world, with exceptional talents for beauty and aesthetics, our artisans illuminate you with mesmerizing and unique designs from the niche corners of the globe. Our alluring ability is to bring out the sublime beauty within you. Simha’s brands promise purity, good fortune and grandeur. Our collections, your grace.
Let us radiate this heavenly ecstacy together!